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Rightsizing Versus Downsizing

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

To move or not to move? The question has been ongoing for several years but was finally solidified after hearing the news that our good friend fell down his stairs early one morning. Our goal has become to simplify our lives. A smaller house means less to take care of. A smaller yard means lower monthly bills. And, of course no stairs is a good thing too!

Stewart bought our current house as a single guy with a cat named Bradley. We met two years later, then married and in I moved with my daughters and a cat named Kelly. Over the past 15 years we have forged many beautiful memories and also faced challenges in our home as we attempted to blend stepfamilies and cats.

Rather than using the term "Downsizing", the professional organizing field has switched to "Rightsizing." Initially used in the workforce, the difference between the two is described as follows: "Downsizing is cutting the workforce due to external reasons such as low demand or recession. Rightsizing on the other hand is adjusting the workforce (acquiring or firing) due to some internal reasons like organizational strategy and maintaining the right number of employees."

While "downsizing" implies giving something up, which could be true if you are forced into the situation due to financial issues, loss of a spouse or health reasons, "rightsizing" suggests working with what you have by making better use of the existing space. The quality of space required to meet a household's needs is what should be the focus and not the quantity. Making this decision on one's own terms, rather then being forced into it, is the ideal situation.

I have already shed some tears at the thought of moving away from our beautiful neighborhood. I feel truly blessed to have lived in this little piece of heaven. Our pup Bailey has led me on many walks throughout the changing seasons and the peace and beauty I'm surrounded by nourishes my soul and renews my energy and focus. I know all of my neighbors. Over the years we have exchanged keys and garage codes and have helped each other on numerous occasions. I have enjoyed chatting and catching up during my daily walks. I will miss them terribly.

I would never have captured these beautiful moments if it were not for my daily walks with Bailey.

We have a contract on a new home. My emotions still fluctuate between excitement and sadness. Many more tears will be shed in the coming months. The new home will require renovations in many areas. As a Professional Organizer and Custom Closet Designer, what could be more exciting than designing the kitchen and closets from scratch? Making a smaller home function well is what I am trained to do and I look forward to the challenge!

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