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Home Organizing Services

Well Organized Closet

Custom Closet Design

Our detailed designs will give you the closet of your dreams. Using every inch of space, my designs are both functional and beautiful.

  • Floor-based or wall-mounted systems

  • Fully adjustable shelving and hanging

  • Accessories such as belt racks, tie racks, valet rods, baskets, full extension drawers, tilt-out hampers and slide-out ironing boards

  • Designs available for closets, pantries, laundry rooms, mudrooms, storage spaces, home offices and garages

"My husband and I are completely thrilled with our beautiful new closets thanks to the professional guidance and expertise of Nadine Sachs. From our first meeting to the end result, the completion was totally flawless and easily done in a timely and economical fashion. Nadine is a delightful person to do business with and we are in the process of designing additional closets. She made this experience pleasurable and I would highly recommend her to others."


- Lynn G.

Organized Kitchen Cabinet

General Decluttering & Organizing

We can help organize any room in your home. Garages, attics, kitchens, bedrooms, basements and home offices - any space that you want to reclaim and realize its full potential.


Why and how does clutter build up?

  • Items have no home

  • Inconvenient storage

  • Insufficient storage

  • Complex, confusing systems

While our homes are not museums, and do not need to be perfect all the time, every item needs a home. We can set up a personalized system that works for your needs and is easy to use and maintain.

"Nadine organized many areas in my house. She has made my life so much easier and has saved me hours of wasted time and the frustration that goes with that. She designed and organized my bedroom closet, making it such a joy getting dressed each day. I know where everything is and it only takes minutes to get ready in the morning.


Two of my favorite things that she did in my kitchen were to arrange my spices alphabetically and organize my recipes. I use my spices frequently so it is wonderful knowing exactly what I have and I don't waste money buying duplicate items! My favorite recipes are now in one binder organized by category - a very efficient system.


Nadine is an absolute pleasure to work with. She has great ideas, is very creative and organizes things in a way that works for you. Her organizing will make such a difference to your life. It did to mine."


- Ailene S.

General Decluttering & Organizing

Home Renovation

While interior designers know how to make a space look beautiful, including an organizer on the project team will ensure that all of the right questions are being asked. Every cabinet and drawer should have a purpose. If you are considering an addition or any type of renovation, it is well worth exploring our services, thus avoiding costly mistakes. Close attention is given to not only how the room will look, but more importantly, how it will function for the people

using the space.

"I began working with Nadine immediately upon deciding to do a complete kitchen and dining room renovation.  She helped guide my husband and me through the process from start to finish.  As we were creating our plans with our designer, she spent time in our old kitchen measuring everything we wanted to store and use in our new space. She also had many conversations with us assessing how we wanted to maximize the use and storage in our new rooms.


Nadine was instrumental in creating our kitchen lay out and designed the insides of every cabinet and drawer to the 1/4 inch! After the spaces were complete, she came back and organized and labeled every inch of every cabinet with bins, lazy susans and other organizers.


I LOVED working with Nadine, I can't imagine working with anyone else! In fact, she is now helping me with the renovation of my laundry room and master closet."


- Saralyn E.

Home Renovation


The best time to de-clutter your home is before you move. Also, an organized and less cluttered home can improve your chances of selling quickly.

  • We can help you pack efficiently and decide what furniture will fit in your new home. Why take the time to pack and incur the cost of moving things you no longer want or need?

  • We also coordinate hauling, shredding and cleaning services, as well as options for donating and selling valuables.

  • After your move, we can then help you unpack and organize your new home the right way, from the beginning!

  • The kitchen is the heart of the home and it is so worthwhile to invest time and energy into creating a well functioning space.

  • Rather then unpack and put away, unpack and ORGANIZE! We examine the details of every drawer and every cabinet and can suggest the right products, ensuring the best use of space.

"After deciding to move from the large home where we had lived for more than 46 years to an apartment, I was overwhelmed. With a large attic and basement, plus numerous drawers and closets filled with things accumulated not only by us, but by our parents and grandparents, I did not know where to begin. Nadine Sachs worked with me, patiently, methodically and energetically to get the job done. Don't make a move without her!"


- Judy S.


Photos & Memorabilia

Old photos and memorabilia are considered “treasures” by most of our clients. We can help you sort, store and share these valuable memories so that you and your family can enjoy the stories and visuals of your family history. Whether you have printed photos, digital photos, VHS tapes, slides, memorabilia or children’s artwork, now is the time to preserve and share these wonderful memories!

“I LOVE working with Nadine Sachs!  During COVID I had an opportunity to go through my closets and found envelope after envelope of old photos - from the days when we took our film into Walgreens to process!  The photos brought back so many wonderful memories of my children growing up, their recitals, graduations etc. But what should I do with all of these photos?  


A friend referred me to Nadine, and it was MAGIC.  I literally handed 3 tubs of disorganized photos, old albums, old framed photos and memorabilia to Nadine, and said, “Please organize.” Within 3 weeks, I had GORGEOUS photo albums personally delivered to my home, and somehow Nadine had them in chronological order, based on ages of my children when they were young.


Now, I can sit back, make a cup of tea and remind myself of all the happy times we shared as a family.  Nadine literally brought my family priorities to the forefront of my mind, and I am eternally grateful for her patience and great skill.”


- Diane S.

Photos & Memorabilia

Home Office

Managing your mail on a daily basis is essential to running a well organized and efficient home. We can help you organize your papers and files in a timesaving filing system. Many of us are working from home and whether you have a dedicated room or a small space being used as an office, workplace efficiency is critical. Papers and office supplies need to be stored properly so that you can quickly find what you need to get your work done.


We realize that we are often working with a client’s sensitive information. As a member of NAPO, we follow a strict Code of Ethics where we have pledged to serve our clients with integrity and respect and to keep all client information confidential.

"I've been working with Nadine for several years. I love having her here because I know that once we are finished, everything will look and feel marvelous. Her organization skills are so easy to maintain and have made a world of difference in my life. I encourage everyone to get rid of what you don't need and organize the rest!"


- Janet D.

office supplies
Home Office

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